Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Counting My Blessings

A thankful heart is the best place to start. Today I am grateful for:

A God who loves me unconditionally
My family who has been by my side constantly
A little boy who sings songs about new baseball shoes and reminds me what true joy is all about
Saltine Crackers
Being employed in a job that I enjoy and having a chance to start with a fresh outlook on my business
FRIENDS that have rallied and commiserated and prayed for me.
Feeling my new little boy moving around inside of me.
Having a clean, cozy home to raise my family.
A chance for everyone to get themselves stable and prepared for what is coming this year.
A creative hobby that helps me save memories for my family.

God is good all.the.time. Just can't forget that.

1 comment:

lisa said...

You are blessed!! Great attitude!! You are loved and cared for and prayed for!! Love ya!