Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Update.

Before I get to the weekend's events...

Today - I happened to be in the little town where the bridesmaid dresses were ordered so I decided to stop by to see how "frankenstein" my gown is going to have to be since I ordered it in February... I went in to the dressing room fully expecting to not even be able to zip the darn thing up but it was actually LOOSE on me. They are going to have to take in the bust and maybe let out the sides a couple of inches after the next few weeks but they probably won't even have to add any extra fabric to it. Yay for not having to pay for too many alterations but - um - how big WAS I before I got pregnant??? Sad that I'm actually smaller 7+ months pregnant than before...ugh - anyway - here is awful cell phone pic I took when I was there.
The weekend was VERY busy all around. Saturday night some of the ladies from church landed at my house after a night of bowling and brought over a FIRE PIT!!! I LOVE IT! We all sat around toasting marshmallows and just enjoying one another's company. THANK YOU LYNN!!! I just can't wait to figure out a way to landscape the back yard to accommodate the pit...may have to be a "next spring" kind of project!
It was a good weekend for scrapping up at the church on Saturday - I struggled with my first layout for-EVAH trying to make the papers that I had originally bought for these pictures work...I was about to give up when I pulled out this Bungle Jungle from Sassafras Lass and - voila - brilliance
The second one had been in my brain since I found this paper at Convention at the beginning of the month. The crate paper "lil sprouts" line is perfect for the nursery color scheme. I'm totally ready for him to get here as soon as he's ready to come! 10 weeks left - what torture...  
In the next post - torturous medical procedures and the pregnant women who have to endure them...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yesterday was my 28 week doctor's appointment and I must say that it was a colossal disappointment!!!!

I had to take my 3rd trimester blood glucose test - yup failed the 1 hour and have to go back next Wednesday to take another torture test (aka the 4 hour GTT).  

Then I got verbally flogged by my doctor for losing another 3 mom was with me and attested to the fact that I really am eating as much as my nauseous stomach will I got shipped off to the ultrasound where Joseph was NOT cooperating, had his back turned to us, so all we could see was spine.  He is still measuring exactly on schedule.  He weighs 3 pounds and his heartbeat and digestive function all look good.  

I was totally bummed and the oppressive heat outside made it really hard to move myself through the last half of my day.  Ugh - where is my fast forward button?  I need it to be September TOMORROW!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday Comes Too Soon

Mom and Dad's time share definitely comes in handy when talking about weekend getaways!  This time we took off Friday afternoon and headed to the Wisconsin Dells for a few days. It was wonderful to get away for a couple of days and spend some quality time with the little man...we spent way too much time getting wrinkly in the water park at the hotel - ate some yummy food and found the few missing items from Joseph's wardrobe at the outlet mall.  The highlight though was Jackson's first mini golf game!  Best $6.50 ever spent in the history of his short life.  Check out these photos - it was a gorgeous course and J caught on so quickly to the instruction that papa and I gave him!  

Tomorrow is the last ultrasound before I get to meet my newest little man in person and up close.  Mom is bringing Jackson along...I can't wait!!!  Hello third trimester.  T-11 weeks to go!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Burst of Creativitity!

The trip to Dallas must have been just what I needed to spark my creativity - between Friday night at home and Saturday night at Josie's I completed SIX layouts...and consolidated the 6x6 pages we did at convention into one 12x24 spread! One still needs a journal spot and a couple of embellishments but I am just thrilled with what a little bit of organization and the feel of some new yummy product in my hands can do!

The "before" shot - my purchases from convention.

My Iowa State Fair entry for this year - the title is made up of pictures I took of sights around the fair, corn dog, funnel cake, grand concourse and midway.

Jackson's first Bam Bam Trophy!

The "Big Brother" page for Joe's book.

The "Nana and Papa" page for Joe's book.

The top picture is a group shot of the texas girls when we first met, the one at the bottom was from the last day right before we got on the shuttle.

A "Roe" collage...our queen bee...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Confessions of a fat girl...

OK this is going to sound bad but its not meant to be self depricating...just eye opening

I was just going through some old photographs and discovered something alarming - I actually look better now - almost 7 months pregnant - than I did a year ago at the same time.  I'm still able to fit into the same clothes but I'm down to one chin and carrying around an extra person.  WOW.  Check out the photographic evidence.  

Not beating myself up but - seriously I'm ashamed to see what I was compared to what I am now...see for yourself.

May 2008 vs May 2009

April 2008 vs April 2009

June 2008 vs May 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a week!

How do I even begin to talk about my last week?  How do I put into words the inspiration, the laughter, and the feeling of family that I got to experience for three glorious days in Texas?  Seriously?  How am I supposed to do that???  All I can say is how grateful I am that God brought these lovely ladies into my life.  

They were sneaky enough to plan a surprise baby shower for me, although I still can't believe that they were able to plan that all behind my back.  With a beautiful 6x6 album waiting for pictures of little Joseph, a birthday surprise for Paula, amazing shopping (I even stayed under my budget!!!), and yummy food (more than you can imagine!)  Thank you ladies for making my last trip before JT joins our family a pink boa wrapped, lovely weekend!
more photos at:

Speaking of Joseph, his nursery is almost complete!  My neighbor's new wife had a cradle that she gave to us and it was waiting in the garage when I got home yesterday!  All I need now is a changing table and I am all ready for JT to arrive!!! A big thanks to Josie for letting me borrow some of her boppy and bumbo and tub and clothes - he is going to be SO set up!!!  Only 98 days to go...and its only a week and a half until I get to see him on the ultrasound again!  Check out the nursery - soon to be filled with the next member of the Stuart family.  Wow - just wow.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On the road again

Tomorrow is going to be AWESOME! Having fun with one of my dearest friends at one. Running what could be a very lucrative appointment at four and then I am off to Kansas City for the night before hopping a plane to TEXAS for the first meeting of the Have Your Way With Paper crew! I have been anticipating this for months and now it is finally here! Wow. Many photos will be taken fear not...

Speaking of photos - I took a ton of them at Courtney's bridal shower. Here is the link if you are interested. I think everyone had a good time - played some games, ate some yummy cake...doesn't get much better than that. Only 59 more days to the wedding. Guess I should go see how much extra fabric they are going to have to add to my bridesmaid dress lol

the link: