Friday, May 29, 2009

BUSY couple of weeks

I have been SO busy this past week - even though I have been SICK most of the week too. But it was a good kind of busy - work has really picked up lately which is a total blessing! It is SO nice to know that my finances are finally picking up and that things will be good again for me in the next few weeks.

Jackson's last week of preschool is next week and his last Bam Bam game is on Saturday morning. I'm so darn proud of the progress that he has made this year! He is really growing into a little man. He is going to be hanging out with my mom over the summer so that will be very special. Going to the pool, and the library and the Kids Cafe'. He is excited and so am I! It makes me SO anxious to be able to go through it all again with Joseph! It is the biggest blessing in the world to watch these little babies become independent little men and I am so happy that God saw fit to make me a mother again, even though I was sure that Jackson would be my one and only.

Speaking of Joseph, I had my 24 week appointment this week - I lost another 3 pounds but he is measuring really well (check out the belly below) and he is VERY active so the doctor isn't necessarily concerned but she did schedule me for another ultrasound next month (yay!) and I have my second round of glucose tolerance tests (only the 1 hour this time around - another yay!) After that - I'm in to the doc's office every two weeks until the last four when its every week! It's going by so fast - but not fast enough for me. I want him here!!! The nursery got painted last weekend and my neighbor lady said that she has a crib that I can have for FREE! Yes, I was in love with my nursery furniture and yes I will miss it - but I can't argue with FREE over $900 furniture
My scrapping mojo has been back full force too! I completed five layouts (only 4 of which I have scanned so far though) last weekend with Josie and I'm thrilled with them all. (see below).

So the end of this busy week is going to be even MORE busy-ness...After Jackson's Bam Bam game there is an awards ceremony where he gets his trophy and then we have the bridal shower for my future SIL - followed by her bachelorette party. Then only THREE MORE DAYS until I'm in Dallas, TX with my girls from Have Your Way With Paper!!!! I cannot WAIT to hang out with these ladies and have some fun and relaxing time away from home before the baby comes. Can you tell I'm ultra excited?

OK - here are some peeks of my layouts
This is back from New Years Day but I finally found the right embellies!
I think this one is going to be a state fair entry for this year - Jackson and I in the same costume 26 years apart!
I just LOVE my new Lime Rickey! It makes me happy!
FINALLY an excuse to "pink up" a layout! I need to wear pink in group photos more often!

Monday, May 18, 2009

An extremely crazy weekend! **pic intensive**

What a TREMENDOUS weekend this has been - it was SO refreshing to get out of town for a few days and be reminded of Kansas City and all that I did and learned and grew into there, all of the amazing friends that are still part of my life from that time period. I'm SO blessed to still have these people in my life!!! If it weren't for all of my wonderful friends and family in Iowa, I'd be back there in the blink of an eye...

We started down on Friday morning and drove through torrential rain storms and to Heather's house to get to spend a little time with her and Amelia before going to set up at CJ's for the party. Would you just look at this sweet little thing - nearly one year old - walking around - throwing balls - and that luxurious red hair. I swear this child smiles with her entire face!

The party was awesome! I can't even tell you how proud I am of Heather for having the drive and determination to not only hold TWO doctorate degrees but also graduate Magna Cum Laude, in the Honor Society and win three other prestigious awards with her class. All while maintaining her home, her friendships and having her gorgeous daughter. You amaze me my darling!!!

Saturday morning was the real surprise...after 5 years of nothing but casual emails/facebook contact, Jackson met his father and two younger brothers! We met for a late breakfast at Mimi's Cafe in NKC at 10:00 and it all went really well! We all sat around talking like old friends, the boys were playing, holding hands and running around like they had known each other all their lives. I'm so glad that we opened this door and I pray that we can all continue to be in contact and that the boys will always know their brothers. They even had a baby gift for Joseph (man I wish that blankets were that soft for adults too!)

It feels SO good to let go of all of that anticipation and wondering and just know that all is well. I appreciate all of the advice and concern that my friends have shown, just know that I was totally at peace with this decision, have prayed over it and I believe that this is what was right for Jackson as he grows into more questions about his upbringing...Here are some of the photographic highlights (there is more info after these)...

Jackson meeting his dad...

Jacob (2) , Eric, Cameron (7 mos) and Jackson (4) together for the first time...

Jacob and Jackson sharing a brotherly hug.
Just the boys playing outside
...and if that weren't enough excitement for one weekend...I had promised Jackson that we would go swimming at the hotel - but there was one catch - the hotel we stayed at didn't have an indoor pool - only an outdoor one and it was still WAY too chilly for that! So we had to pack up our stuff and head down to the NKC Community Center to hang out in their indoor pool. 2 day passes and we spent the next two hours trying out Jack's new eye goggles that he got as a prize for being good at preschool. Here he is in his fashion eye wear and showing off his "kung fu fighting" moves.
Then we topped the whole experience off with Dinner with Katie, Marcia and Mike Todd at Chili's and a brunch with CJ, Shawn, and Dave on Sunday morning! We pulled into Altoona JUST in time to make it to small group at the church - we came home after that, did some laundry AND I actually finished scrapping a page (below) that I started a couple of weeks ago. No wonder I'm dragging butt today!!! I am SO satisfied though - sometimes the Lord knows just what we need to refresh our if I could just have this baby TOMORROW I'd be a very happy little girl! I know he still has some cooking to do but I am getting antsy to have him in my arms!!! Patience is a virtue I know but its not something I have to like right?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Finally a happy post!

(scene: Sitting at Panera after getting two signed applications from a new client and sipping my green tea on the patio enjoying this gorgeous day for a few minutes before I go into the office and just feeling happy)

May is a great month for me! For the first time in over a month I'm feeling really optimistic about life. Business is picking up so my finances feel much more comfortable. The weather is GORGEOUS (I forgot how wonderful the sun on my face makes my spirit feel). My sweet, lovely little boy has been snuggly and affectionate. Joseph is constantly reminding me of his existence by thumping around inside my ever expanding tummy. My comfy little women's group at the church that embrace me with prayer and support. A family who knows exactly what I need at the right time. And friends who 'listen to the call' and make sure that my Mother's Day is special. I am surrounded by love on all sides and it truly lifts me up and makes me a better mother, daughter, businesswoman, and friend.


I was chosen to be this month's "Spotlight Member" at Have Your Way With Paper !!! My favorite website and web community. The ladies there are AMAZING, talented, supportive and all around wonderful and I am SO blessed to have each and every one of them in my life. I have been so humbled by this honor, which includes my own forum letting me comment on my work at various stages, and answer all kinds of fun questions from my girls. I can't believe I get to meet most of you in a little less than a month! WOW! I couldn't ask for better friends!!!


I get to go to Kansas City this weekend for my lovely friend Heather's med school graduation. I'm so proud of her I could just piddle - I have never known someone who has been so dedicated to a goal and makes it happen no matter what. She is a phenomenal doctor, friend, mother and wife. Congratulations my love! I can't wait to have the whole "core four" together again. Nobody celebrates better than my ladies. Jackson is coming down with me and we're going swimming at the hotel and going to see Grandma Marcia too! It's going to be a fantastic weekend!!!

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! Have a wonderful weekend all of you and Happy Mother's Day to those of us blessed with babies!