Monday, December 29, 2008

Scrap A Thon!

December 26th was a great scrappy day. I hosted an online crop at Have Your Way With Paper and got SEVEN pages done - some I like better than others but - you know how that goes...

Christmas 08 - Jackson and Santa. This was the first year that Jackson really wanted to see Santa at the mall - he went right up to him and chatted him up. The only thing he really wanted was a "Buster" from My Friends Tigger and Pooh and lo and behold it showed up in his stocking!

While I was in the Christmas Spirit I got the chance to scrap this beautiful picture of my girlfriends in KC known as the "Core Four" The DCWV paper was from a stack that Dr. CJ bought me to do her Christmas boxes for her staff.
This one I absolutely love! The idea was in response to a challenge to piece together a background with Patterned paper - the Fancy Pants All Fall and Daily Grind seemed the perfect line for this sweet pic of Jackson and my Daddy. You'll notice in the next couple Layouts that I'm totally addicted to the Daily Grind Chipboard shapes!!!

This one involved me pushing a lot of elements around until they seemed to make sense...I am really in love with the title...I used the Daily Grind chipboard and layered KI letters and Robins Egg beads to make the bubble effect. This one still needs some journaling but I find it fun...

This one was a labor of love and the photo doesn't really do justice to the glitter in the accents and the rich lush paper that I got to work with but it was so awesome to play with this crate paper line and do something a little bit artistic. It was loosely lifted from a LO on The Scarlet Lime DT Gallery. The photos were taken in Galena back in September. This was a road that Ulysses S Grant use to travel every day to get to the office and Jackson decided he wanted to climb up to the top!

One last one to share today - hoping to get some pictures back from our various Christmases over the next few weeks and get started on the major scrapping that will need to happen! I'm toying with the idea of just doing a Christmas '08 album due to all of the different things that happened and the addition of James and Josh and Chad to our celebrations...we'll see

This was also a challenge layout to do one of myself. I pulled out my big box of embellishments and just started throwing things together. The GORGEOUS Pink Paislee Kit that I got from The Scrap Room provided the color palatte (gotta love the pink with that green) and after that I was just playing with whatever my hands landed on. The labels and stickers and rubons are Basic Grey and the felt is Queen and Company. Everything else was from the kit!
Thanks for looking! Happy New Year this week!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wow - its been a long time

Since I've posted on this blog - I have been using it as a blog subscription site but I guess that its time to do some actual posting.

My scrap table has been buzzing lately - partly due to the fact that I moved the space to the other side of the basement.  Making gifts for people - keeping somewhat caught up on Jackson's book and snapping TONS of photos of the boys!  I can't believe Christmas is upon us next week.

Last weekend I went to Kansas City loaded up with homemade gifts and pages for my friends.  The looks on their faces when they opened the layouts and the conversations that they sparked was so totally worth the hours that I spent over the scrap table pouring my heart into those pages.  THAT is why I bring joy to the stories and beauty to the photos.  Wow what an experience.

New layouts on the slideshow!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More creative organization..I'm on a roll

This past weekend was not only a burst of creativity on Friday night (thanks to a new kit and Josie coming over to play). But Saturday was mega binge purge and orgainze night.

The weekend before I got most of the stuff on my table in drawers and bins so they are close But last weekend I went NUTS. Went to Target (yes another late night run) got a new table cloth on the scrap table - a rotating caddy for the middle for tools, a cart for scraps and embellies, moved some things around to open up the space a little, purged out through my pp and embellies to get rid of the stuff that I no longer like/use and now I'm ready to paint the walls.

It even spilled over into my utility room which no longer looks like a laundry bomb went off in there! Wow. That hasn't happened in a LONG time!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Organizing QUEEN

I got inspired tonight...there was a great article in Scrapbooks Etc that talked about office supply finds that made some sense to me - and then - an article about how to get the most out of your supplies by keeping them in reach.  

So...after a 9:30 PM run to Target for organizational supplies - and working until 2:00 AM - All of my scraps have been organized by color/pattern and/or brand. All of my stickers are in sleeves, kits are put away by month, letter stickers are in dividers, and my embellishments that I love but need to use up are in labeled bins right next to my workspace.  

My favorite part is the new work cart - the little bins come out and have lids so I can keep my projects separated and organized -I have one for current projects, and Disney put away so far. I hope that this is going to really help keep my mojo rolling.

Monday, February 25, 2008

3:00 AM

3:00 in the morning seems like a really good idea when you are drunk on the company of a good friend
high on creativity.
and fueled by two full pots of Kenyan blend coffee...
The next morning - when you wake up and have to teach Sunday school to a group of four and five year olds - however - it doesn't seem like it was a good idea at all.  

A public service announcement by your resident scrap addict.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Heaven Sent Lunch Break

Josie emailed this morning and wanted to know if I wanted to meet at Archivers for lunch...OF COURSE! We browsed for awhile until she had to get back to work but I stayed for awhile longer and accidentally stumbled on the COSMO CRICKET COGSMO line!

I was drooling over that when one of the regular clerks came by and told me that.... They just got a shipment in of the Little Yellow Bicycle Zack's Life line that I have been DROOLING over ever since the CHA leaks came out . The store manager actually let me unwrap all of the paper packs and embellishments and pick out whateverI wanted from them before they even hit the shelves. I was in HEAVEN! I ended up buying about 12 sheets of pp, some die cut stickers, journaling pieces, fabric tags, metal snap brads and epoxy buttons right out of the packaging! I had a little scrapgasm right there in the store.

I NEEDED this! Work has been awful this week and I just - well - needed this.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

So I'm trying on a new blog site.  The plague has been running through my family I was sick all of today and Jackson went to bed at 6:30 tonight - before he could even have a bath I just realized.  Yikes.

I did get a few pages in the Disney album done - and one for general consumption.  Let's see if I can successfully ad a pic to this site.