Friday, December 19, 2008

Wow - its been a long time

Since I've posted on this blog - I have been using it as a blog subscription site but I guess that its time to do some actual posting.

My scrap table has been buzzing lately - partly due to the fact that I moved the space to the other side of the basement.  Making gifts for people - keeping somewhat caught up on Jackson's book and snapping TONS of photos of the boys!  I can't believe Christmas is upon us next week.

Last weekend I went to Kansas City loaded up with homemade gifts and pages for my friends.  The looks on their faces when they opened the layouts and the conversations that they sparked was so totally worth the hours that I spent over the scrap table pouring my heart into those pages.  THAT is why I bring joy to the stories and beauty to the photos.  Wow what an experience.

New layouts on the slideshow!  Enjoy!

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