Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday Comes Too Soon

Mom and Dad's time share definitely comes in handy when talking about weekend getaways!  This time we took off Friday afternoon and headed to the Wisconsin Dells for a few days. It was wonderful to get away for a couple of days and spend some quality time with the little man...we spent way too much time getting wrinkly in the water park at the hotel - ate some yummy food and found the few missing items from Joseph's wardrobe at the outlet mall.  The highlight though was Jackson's first mini golf game!  Best $6.50 ever spent in the history of his short life.  Check out these photos - it was a gorgeous course and J caught on so quickly to the instruction that papa and I gave him!  

Tomorrow is the last ultrasound before I get to meet my newest little man in person and up close.  Mom is bringing Jackson along...I can't wait!!!  Hello third trimester.  T-11 weeks to go!!!

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