Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yesterday was my 28 week doctor's appointment and I must say that it was a colossal disappointment!!!!

I had to take my 3rd trimester blood glucose test - yup failed the 1 hour and have to go back next Wednesday to take another torture test (aka the 4 hour GTT).  

Then I got verbally flogged by my doctor for losing another 3 pounds...my mom was with me and attested to the fact that I really am eating as much as my nauseous stomach will allow...so I got shipped off to the ultrasound where Joseph was NOT cooperating, had his back turned to us, so all we could see was spine.  He is still measuring exactly on schedule.  He weighs 3 pounds and his heartbeat and digestive function all look good.  

I was totally bummed and the oppressive heat outside made it really hard to move myself through the last half of my day.  Ugh - where is my fast forward button?  I need it to be September TOMORROW!

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