Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yesterday I was...


OK, so maybe not exactly supermom but I was pretty darn productive and darn proud of myself for being that way.

I picked Jackson up from school and since it was a gorgeous day outside he got to play outside while I deep cleaned and reorganized the kitchen. Simultaneously, I taught him to use a fishing pole, swept and mopped the floor, kicked a soccer ball with him, disinfected the countertops, helped him dig for worms in the front yard, sorted through assorted papers laying around the kitchen, fed him dinner, switched out the laundry, gave him a bath while I cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed the hallway, filled out rebate paperwork while watching AI with J and we both fell asleep at 9:30 exhausted but happy and snuggly.

So I am exhausted (!) today but walking into my sparkly kitchen this morning made it all worth it! Now all I need to tackle is the basement...a task I'm not looking forward to not because of what is down there but what is not...

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