Friday, April 10, 2009

The last day...

Today is the last day of my 20's. It's been quite a decade to be sure. I'm taking a little photo journal today: This is me and Jackson this morning. We snuggled a little extra long this morning and I got to savor him for just a few minutes without the craziness.

Work had a little party for me - lots of food and they decorated my workspace with streamers!

I'm heading out to do a little scrap shopping with Josie in a little bit and then cropping till I drop tonight! I can't think of a better way to send off the last 29 years and ring in the 30's!

Some of the highlights of my roaring twenties (in no particular order):

Met and reconnected with all of my most amazing friends both online and in real life.
Became a better daughter and friend.
Going to Europe for the first time - London, Paris, Germany, Vienna, Prague
Running the scoreboard animations for the Royals
Doing video and editing and writing for a National TV Show (The American Outdoorsman)
Travelled all over the US, (Chicago, Minnesota, Omaha, L.A., San Francisco, Tahoe, Reno, Las Vegas, Arizona, Florida (DisneyWorld!!), St. Louis, Dallas, Houston, Branson, Wisconsin Dells, Denver, Seattle, Salt Lake City and I'm sure more that I haven't even come up with yet...)
Learned to hold my liquor.
Attended games at 9 major league baseball parks (Royals, Cardinals, Astros, Dodgers, Giants, Angels, Twins, Cubs, White Sox)
Ran my own video production company
Seen Aerosmith live (6 times!!!), and many other live concerts!
Graduated from UMKC
Became a mother (twice)
Bought my first property
Learned the names of every engine on Thomas the Tank Engine
Lost my best friend
Became Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny
Rode an official OCC Chopper
Put my feet in both oceans
Fell in love (twice)
Had my heart broken (twice)
Have been in two major and one minor car accidents
Learned what it really means to be a true friend and a true Christian.
Became obsessed with scrapbooking
Got my P/C, Life and Health Series 6 and 63 licenses.
Started my own practice with MetLife.

I have had:
3 different apartments (Warwick, Village Park, Lenexa)
8 different vehicles (Cricket, Focus, Taurus, Magnum, Caravan, Ugly Car, VUE1 VUE2)
1 townhome
1 condo
1 house
3 cats (currently only 1)
1 child with one on the way...

What a full decade! I am so incredibly blessed. Thank you to all who have been a part of this journey I wouldn't be where I am right now without each and every one of you!


Sunshine said...

That was absolutley amazing to read. I laughed and cried and now I can't stop crying because I'm just so thankful to have you in my life. You've been such a blessing and I'm so so grateful to have you walking with me even if it so far away. Love you girl.

lisa said...

WOW!! That is Some decade my friend. I know life is hard right now, but I am so proud of how you are handling it. Keep that head up. You are a strong Christian, woman, mother and friend and so much more. May your next decade be even more fufilling than the last!