Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Basement Bathroom Reboot

FINALLY! The basement bathroom saga is ending.  We have had the supplies since January, and the deconstruction has been in progress since before then and we now have a weekend off, James home from college for Spring Break and my father in law to come help so progress is finally being made!

Here is how it was when we moved in:

This is how it was after I tried to clean out the caulk and the surround fell in on me.

First we had to get rid of all of the moldy, disgusting drywall that was up wrong in the first place.  So I called on my handy helpers with their hammers...
They used all of their "man muscles" and got all of that nastiness taken out so we could put up the new cement board after redoing all of the pipes and valves for our new hardware.  At the end of the first day we had a great foundation for the tile to come!!!

Day two: Chad and James were spreading mortar and setting tiles on the inside while Grandpa Potratz and the tile saw got the cuts done out in the garage.  Me? I split my time between running tile up and down the stairs (talk about buns of steel) and cleaning and organizing the garage and taking care of the boys! The results speak for themselves!  The end of Day Two left us with all of the tile in place and drying and waiting for grout! The new faucets were put in too but I didn't get a photo of that ;)


24 hours later the grout was in!  My husband is an awesome grouter!

And for the final act I came home today to find the flooring completely put in, the messes completely cleaned up (including my paint brush cleaning sink) and even a new sprayer installed on the sink.  Whoa am I ever a happy girl!  The group effort paid off! No more grossness, grime and mold, hello elegant bathroom fit for company and kids!

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