Tuesday, May 29, 2012

House Reboot Day 5

Tomorrow the moving truck comes!!!  I really cannot wait until 8:00 AM tomorrow morning!!!

I was supposed to work today but all three of my appointments reset - I was already in Newton to drop of a load of stuff so I just stayed out there and started putting all of the kitchen stuff away in my newly lined cabinets.  

Chad and the boys got there a little bit later with more loads - they totally cleared out the house of every stick of food, sheets and pillows so now we have a fully stocked kitchen and a new microwave to finish it off --- all of that and --- I forgot to take any pictures of that...

But I did take pictures of the basement - the boys did an amazing job it was gleaming white all over what used to be a dank dark space.  Even the kitchen and bathroom down there look great after hours of steaming and power washing.  I can't wait to see this place with the furniture in it.

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