Thursday, May 31, 2012

All moved in

That is to say that all of our things are on the same place at the same time. We still have a garage completely full of boxes to be weeded through and unpacked and put away but this house is really a home now and all of our hard work paid off.

Moving day started bright and early on Wednesday with the crew from two men and a truck arriving at eight. Jackson and Joey spent the night with nana and papa so they weren't under foot. It turns out that one of the guys moving us actually moved me and the boys into our old house two years ago. Dexter and Scott were great. Fast efficient and most importantly under budget!!! These guys must have played a lot of tetris growing up because these stacks were unreal.

Half way through the move Joshua disappeared. We found him curled up in james car under a snuggie fast asleep. Must have worn the kid out!

Seeing how well the furniture fit in the space thrills me to no end. Our huge sectional fits great and I adore the contrast of the gray with the brown and the blue accents!

The dining room is our final frontier. During the carpet removal process we discovered that the nasty Berber in the room was adhered with a solid glue mat which means it has to be physically scraped up instead of just being pulled up. So we are living with it for now but i already have seven boxes of new flooring ready to go down once it finally gets taken up so that just can't happen far enough for me. Whoever came up with carpeted dining rooms obviously never had small children.

The boys are both thrilled with their new rooms. Jackson's room is truly massive and yes he does get his own tv hooked up to the wii to complete the Mario motif. It also frees up the downstairs tv for adult programming. Joeys room is smaller but so is he.
During the course of taking apart the bunk beds it was discovered that the bottom bunk was cracked in several places so instead of just separating the beds Joey got a new race car bed from Craigslist instead. Yeah he was as thrilled as you might imagine.

So day one went great. I had taken the whole week off to handle the move so I spent today hanging curtains putting up my scrapbook cubes and starting on Mt Saint Boxes. I also ran the kids over to their new Kindercare to do their paperwork to start on Monday. They are loving the huge fenced in back yard and played outside for almost two hours in the chilly air. Since mediacom doesn't come out until tuesday we have no tv or Internet except on our phones. It's kind of refreshing and definitely helps keep us on task with the unpacking process.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to replace a truly heinous light fixture in the hallway and another run to lowes for new doorknobs since the place was a rental before we have no idea how many keys are floating around so they are all getting new locks.

Anyway. That's the update. Here are some photos of the progress since I am on the blogger app on my phone I couldn't do it as I went but you can connect the dots.

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