Tuesday, May 29, 2012

House Reboot Day 4

Cleaning was the name of the game today I got the floors all cleaned up in the living and dining rooms.  Helped mom get the kitchen cabinet liners in the kitchen cabinets and unpacked two loads of stuff!  Moving truck comes tomorrow so we are super excited.

The boys were working SO hard on the gross basement I am super proud of them! I left before they were done but they put a second coat of killz on all of the exterior brick and then painted a layer of it on the floor to seal out any remaining yuckies that are down there. They steam cleaned the refrigerator and stove in the basement so the kitchen is ready to go.  Can't wait to see the progress and take pictures this morning.

Dad did an amazing job on the lawn!!! I forgot to take exterior before pictures but there were vines crawling all over the fence in the back yard - weeds everywhere along the fence line and trees that desperately needed to be trimmed. What we have now is a darling oasis that the kids just adore running around in.  I forgot how nice it was to have a fenced in back yard!!!

Here are the day's progress pictures.  More to come today!

I forgot to post the master bedroom progress photos yesterday  - My Happy Helper Keri did an amazing job turning the pale green walls into a warm inviting clay color!

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