Sunday, May 27, 2012

House Reboot Day 2

As much as I did at the house today the guys did WAY more than I could have imagined.  They left the house early this morning - I had a lead to run at 10 so I stayed behind.  It ended up being a no show but by the time I got there WHAT A CHANGE!  All of the carpet was ripped out and hauled away, my mother in law was yanking staples out of the floors (which look amazing btw) and the boys were downstairs hauling the skanky carpet out of the basement apartment.  

All of that is the good news.  The bad news is that under the skanky carpet was an even skankier concrete floor.  Some genius decided to put non permeable reflective insulation over old tile and then laid the carpet over the top.  The result?  All of the moisture in the past however many years grew some pretty disgusting things under that carpet/insulation.  Tomorrow will go down in history as the day of the bleach buckets.  Luckily James and Josh are determined to make that apartment their man cave so they are heading out to the house in the morning to scrub, bleach and primer the basement.  Once the whole thing is done we are going to have a great little apartment down there its the getting there that is the problem.

When I got there, I set to work on the living room - let me just tell you that painting around that picture rail is a HUGE pain in my patoot.  It took me the better part of the day (between chasing the kids around and supervising other projects) to get everything painted and touchup work done.  

Meanwhile, My two happy helpers, Keri and Eliyah, got to work painting Joey and Jackson's rooms.  I'm THRILLED with the results!  I have to find some way to get some of the old paint off the woodwork but all in good time.  Here are today's progress pictures.  Enjoy!

Joey's room "the before pictures - what on EARTH were they thinking when they did this to the walls???

Sorry Keri....disregard the "happy helper"

And after: Sherwin Williams Bracing Blue is to make for the perfect race car room! Gotta put a plug in for the AWESOME coverage the Super Paint has!  The first coat that went on and you couldn't tell this was the Blair Witch Room at all!

And Jackson's room - all ready to become the Mario set.  We used the Sherwin Williams Dazzle color to cover up the pee yellow on the walls.

The picture doesn't do it justice.  This room is crazy blue.

And last but not least the big reveal of the living room and the nice hardwood floors we found underneath!  What a relief that they were nice under there.  If only we were so lucky in the basement.
Sherwin Williams Serious Gray is the color on the walls.  It has a blue tint to it so its going to look GREAT with the blue accent pillows and curtains we have for the living room!

On to Day three!  Only two more days of work before the moving truck comes on Wednesday morning.  Then the real fun begins...decorating!


grammyscraps said...

I'm exhausted just reading about these two days..can't believe all you've accomplished in that time.

Heather Monaghan said...

So excited to hear of your adventure! We are soon going to be homeowners so I appreciate your enthusiasm.

Angela Coles said...

you are all doing a fabulous job.

Stacey Reynolds said...

You are making AMAZING progress on the house!!! I can't wait until our next trip to Newton...We will definitely have to get together! I haven't made a trip up in a long time but one is due!!! :) Loving the blog!!! <3