Monday, May 28, 2012

House Reboot Day 3

As I sit here right now I am in some serious pain. My calves are SCREAMING at me but in that "I have moved my body and I'm not used to it but this pain is here to remind you that you did something good" kind of ways.

I didn't mean to stay until midnight last night finishing the house - I really didn't but there I was finishing the office paint until midnight.  That room was supposed to be easy - but of course it wasn't I think I realize why the previous owners put up wallpaper - the wall is not really even and mottled with all kinds of pits and plaster bumps.  So I spent a good deal of time scraping off the remaining wallpaper goo with a putty knife then fixing the holes in the wall where the ugly shelving used to reside and THEN finally painting.  By the time I would get into a rhythm with the roller and the trim brush something or someone else would demand my attention and I would have to start over.  Thus, me being there until midnight!

I wrote some love letters on the wall the night before I want all of this literally written on the walls in this house.  Father make this place a haven for my family let this be the beginning of a new chapter in our life surround all those who enter with your love.  AMEN.

Meanwhile, James and Josh were downstairs busting their butts to make the main bedroom habitable.  They SCRUBBED down all of the walls with bleach and mold and mildew cleaner.  Then put a layer of killz on it.  I'm serious when I say they worked their butts off and never once complained.  I'm SO proud of them.  The after pictures are so far unimpressive but here is what we were dealing with down there.

Trust me when I say that every time I went downstairs to check on them it smelled just a little bit better - it wasn't bad just musty basement smell.  The shocking this is - people paid actual money to live in that stink hole!  I feels so bad for them!

Meanwhile my amazing Daddy finished cleaning up the yard (there were vines EVERYWHERE out there) and my Mommy steam cleaned the kitchen appliances and the kitchen cupboards and then Daddy Power washed the oven grates and the refrigerator shelving.  What would I do without them.

So today's goals:
Take all the tape off the walls that have been painted
Finish the layers of Killz on the basement
Steam clean the floors upstairs and down
Apply the shelf liners on the kitchen cabinets
MAYBE paint the dining room (if I'm feeling ambitious)
The basement is definitely priority though.

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