Thursday, August 13, 2009

FINALLY 36 weeks! **long update**

This is officially my LAST week of modified activity/bed rest and not a second too soon!! Although the whole concept of staying at home/working from home sounds delicious its also VERY boring.  I have done a lot of scrapping though - watched two full seasons of "Weeds" on Netflix - all of Joseph's little clothes are clean, hung up, and his room is organized and I am completely caught up on all message boards/blogs/facebook/pogo.  Sheesh.

In between all of that - my brother got married August 1st at the Blank Park Zoo.  It was a lovely ceremony and everything went so smoothly - besides - check out my little bubba in his monkey suit!

Ashley and I showing off our bridesmaids gowns and beautiful bouquets.The happy couple sharing their first dance.

The other bright spot was the lovely baby shower that my sweet friends Autumn and Terri threw for me at the church.  We got diapers and wipes and essentials galore and some cute little outfits as well!  I used the gift cards I have gotten along the way to order my diaper bag and a changing table organizer too!  He is going to be one well dressed little baby!  Thank you SO much girls for this blessing for our new addition.  We love you so much!

Sporting the belly by the gift table.  See how seriously BLESSED we are???

Terri's super yummy cake with the real sugar frosting that we have been drooling over for MONTHS!
and...a few of my recent pages that I think turned out lovely...thanks to the ladies at HYWWP for the tremendous online crops that were such an inspiration!

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lisa said...

So glad you have made it through to the 36th week!! Little JT will be here before you know it and boredom will be a thing of the past! ♥