Sunday, August 16, 2009

State Fair Weekend!!!

I celebrated the release of myself from my sofa by going to the fair!!!  Friday afternoon was a hot day - so my dad insisted that I be pushed around in a wheelchair **eye roll** but I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.  But at least we got the traditional picture of Jackson and Papa by the Hy-Vee sign.  4 years running baby!  The highlight of the fair this year!  WINNING an Honorable Mention for my Iowa State Fair themed scrapbook page!  I was so excited to have a ribbon for my work!  WOOT!
That night my bestest friendest from high school, Heather, came to stay with us!  She made the most ADORABLE diaper cake that was waiting for me when we got home!  I'm so blessed to have such amazing friends!!! I just wish she didn't live all the way up where the buffalo roam so we could see each other more often!
We stayed in our jammies for way too long on Saturday then went out and had a yummy lunch at Fazoli's and got stuff for a girlie night of dying hair and giggling.  2SB forever! Then we got up way too early on Sunday and headed to the fair again this time with her husband, daughter and MIL- despite having to dodge giant bananas flying off the back of a pickup - we made it and I (sans wheelchair) tried to walk this baby out of me!  It didn't work but it did tucker us out into an early night!  Back to work today - let's just hope that Joseph decides to come out SOOOON!  Here some other fair photos - coming soon to a layout near you!

Me and my ribbon!
GROUP HUG - Heather Jack and Laina!
Jack and me in the ag garden
Jack and the giant pumpkin

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lisa said...

what a wonderful weekend!!! Love your fair pics!! Esp Jack and the Giant Pumpkin! Already titled the LO! :)