Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And the winner is!!!

The winner of my little section of our Happy Blog Hop is...

Check out her blog Scrapbooking to Stay Sane to see some of her beautiful work.  I had a BLAST reading everyone's responses and hope everyone will stay in touch!  

Sorry this is a little late - we have had some "excitement" the last few days - no baby yet but it wasn't for lack of him trying to get out!  Two trips to maternity triage, a shot of terbutaline and a couple of weeks of bed rest (aka working from home) and he should stay put for long enough to get us into the "OK to deliver zone" before he tries another jail break...I hope at least.  On the up shot - that should give me some time to scrap a little before he gets here!  **fingers crossed**

Chelsea - send me your contact information and I'll get your RAK out to you!  Congratulations and thanks for playing!


lisa808 said...

Congrats Chelsea!

ChelseaL said...

OMG I won!!!!! I'm so sorry I haven't seen this earlier!!

Thanks Aremid!!!

ChelseaL said...
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ChelseaL said...

Oh my address is:

Chelsea Langworthy
300 West Kerr
Midwest City, OK 73110

Thanks for pluggin my blog!!!