Monday, October 10, 2011

Gratitude Journal #10 - Jobs

Today's topic is about work. On a Monday morning it is easy to sink into the first day of the work week grudgingly. However this economy has left a lot of people without any work at all and in really bad shape.

I am grateful that I found my calling in sales and to have found a company that allows me to shine without having to do the things that I'm not good at. I get to represent a product line I can believe in and I still have plenty of time to be a mom and a wife. I never feel like I miss anything in my kids life due to a job! Sometimes its hard being on commissioned sales its either feast or famine some months but I make enough to support the family.

I'm grateful today too that my husband has a great job that he loves and gives us what we need financially. I love hearing about how well he does fixing people's problems and supporting his store. We are truly blessed!

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