Thursday, January 28, 2010

What happened to January?

Two snowstorms, one ice storm and a hoar frost later and the month is OVER! Ok technically its not over for two more days but - you get the drift so its time to review my January goals and look forward to my February ones!

January Checklist
1. Complete 30 day shred
I can say with pride that I am up to level 2 in the shred process - I didn't do it every day like I should - life and kids just get in the way of that all too often - but I did DO IT and that is progress!

2. Get Caught up on Bills and Savings
Here again I can proudly say that all of my bills for this month are paid with enough left over to stash some in savings and plunk down a deposit for the condo for our trip! YAY!

3. Clean up and Clear Out
Not as much progress as I'd like to see but I did institute a "winter things" bin for all of the gloves and hats in the kitchen and have done a decent job of keeping the clutter under control. More is needed but the end of Winter will be a BIG help in that one!

4. Recommit to my job - no comment

5. Weekly Creativity
I completed 17 layouts this month - not quite one a day but I'm definitely on track for a 200 page year if I keep up this kind of pace. AND I have some cropping scheduled this weekend too YAY

On to the February Goals:
1. Take the lead in our MetLife Biggest Loser contest! This couldn't have come at a better time - what great inspiration than a 200 bonus for the winner and bragging rights. It's a 13 week competition that puts me right in "Orlando Swimsuit" territory! Perfect timing!

2. $1000 in the bank and a new debt elimination plan
To help with the finances I have taken on a second job doing home improvement sales. It's working out great and I'm actually really good at it - who knew - with the money I make in this next month I want to go back through my baby steps on the Dave Ramsey Plan. 1st is the emergency fund of $1000 and then putting together my budget and a debt snowball. These medical bills are going DOWN baby!

3. Have a 50% closing ratio on all appointments whether they are Met or CNA!
I know that I can do it - and I know that I can get paid for them so I'm going for it - full force on both jobs and see how much I can push myself this next month. I need the energy!

4. Keep weekly "self appointment"
2 jobs - 2 kids = EXHAUSTED me. So I need to make time to do some self soothing in there somewhere so it is my goal for the month to schedule an appointment once a week for me to spend some time with me. That could be time spent scrapping - napping - doing a devotional or just praying and being quiet but momma needs an hour or so to make sure that I am still Kris not just the J's mom.

I just realized that none of my goals include my kids - of course keeping them happy and healthy is just a bonus of having a happy healthy mommy JT is growing up SO fast he's already sitting up and giving out kisses - he is so interactive! and my Jackson - Oh My Golly! He loves to tell me he thinks that I'm beautiful and I love to hear it! *sigh* I am so blessed.

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You are such an inspiration! :) Check out my blog to pick up your blog award. ;)