Monday, January 18, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

I have a confession and an admission to make today but first I must profess my love for my hairdresser Linda - she took my moppy momma hair and made it kicky and easy at the same time. Check it out just ignore the tired, puffy eyes..Love my baby boy being my photographer I guess it runs in the bloodstream!
Alright got that excitement out of the way - isn't it amazing how its the little things that thrill me these days. OK confession time. I had a very - we'll just say non-proud parenting moment this morning with Jackson. We have a set routine where I go down and take a shower while Jackson gets dressed then he comes down to "surprise" me with his outfit selection. Now - he is a typical boy with a closet full of khakis jeans polos and t-shirts and there are VERY few combinations that he can come up with that actually surprise me but today I can honestly say that today I was surprised...

Yup that's right my sweet little boy found a sweater vest with a polo hanging in his closet and decided that the fashionable thing to do would be to put it on without the polo underneath. So, as I peeked out of the shower curtain to see this lovely ensemble and burst out laughing - right in front of him - I didn't mean to I just couldn't. He was so upset that he shouted "don't laugh at me mom" and stormed out of the bathroom. I felt HORRIBLE. Of course not horrible enough to stop me from taking pictures of him and post them on the internet but I felt awful I have officially laughed in my son's face - awww.

I also had a realization due to a thread on Have Your Way With Paper about why we scrapbook. Yes we tell ourselves that we do it for our kids - that the hours and dollars that we spend on these books are so that the kids will have treasured memories but I came to the realization that that's not REALLY why I do it. I'm surrounded by numbers and gutters all day long and I need this as my creative outlet - I'm glad that I am documenting my kids lives and putting down my thoughts about the photos I take and I love going back through my old books to see where my family has been and where we are going but I fully expect my boys to not really care about the time and effort I have put into these pages. Maybe someone some day will appreciate them but even if nobody cracks the spine of these books again I am satisfied that I was able to progress in my own art and that it has at least been appreciated among my peers.

So here are my latest creations.
Our little tricksters - based on Sketch 106 from Sketch Inspiration
And an attempt to fly through some of my stash:

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lisa said...

Aw!! LOVE the hair!! Jack's TOO cute in that vest, heehee! I woulda laughed too! GREAT new pages! I'm feelin a kris lift commin on!