Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 - Best Year Ever!

So - 2009 pretty much sucked with a few outstanding exceptions (i.e. Joseph's birth) but 2010 is going to be the best year ever! It's up to me to make it happen and I have to keep an awesome attitude but I know I can do it with a little bit of goal setting and perserverance. Instead of making over arching "year" goals I have decided to split it up into monthly goals instead. Nice way to tick things off one at a time and feel accomplished along the way. So here we go followers - I'm putting this out there so that I know what my responsibilities are and that you are all going to be cheering me least you are in my head.

January Goals:
1. Complete the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred program
After a couple of weeks of holiday break I'm ready to shred. Each workout is only 20 minutes I know that I can carve that out of my day somewhere and really commit to getting my buns in shape. Disney World is only 4 months away now!

2. Get caught up on bills and restart savings and giving plans
Yup - there are a stack of medical bills from Joseph's arrival, a couple of store charge cards and other random bills that are in need of some attention - with the disappearance of child support and having my mill SLOWLY rebuilding at Met - its been hard to catch up much less get ahead. BUT with the addition of Job #2, I have made enough so far to get caught up now to work on the "getting ahead" part of that equation. I gotta get good at making my tithe to the church and to myself before paying everyone else. I smell a spreadsheet in my future!

3. Clean up and clear out
Shock and amazement but organization has never been my strong suit (insert sarcasm here) But I"m taking the house by the horns and coming up with new ways to organize especially the back entrance to the house for gloves, mittens and papers that come in every day. This week is going to be a test to see if I can get the kitchen in order. Wish me luck.

4. Recommit to my job
Lately it has been way too easy to let Metlife slide...mainly due to a lack of income/paycheck...but I'm trying some new work arounds to try to get me down to one job again! I've zeroed in on the things that I stopped doing that I need to start doing again and I'm hoping that the energy that I will not be expending on trying to keep the house and life in order can be channeled back into making MetLife work and be more prosperous for me.

5. Weekly creativity scheduled into my week.
When Joseph was born I started a Project 365 with one picture representing each day. It's been so much fun! Now there is another challenge that was presented...actually it was just a suggestion that my friend Chelsea put out for herself - and that is 365 scrap pages. One Layout per day! Lord knows I have the supplies and the pictures to accomplish the goal...the next thing will just be finding the time. When I think about the last few months of scrapping activity it does break back pretty close - I've been doing 5-10 layouts per weekend depending on how much time I have set aside to do them. If you add in crops at the church once a month and the digital 365 layouts that I'm going to be working on (which automatically count for 50 LOs right there) - I might come darned close. Hmm...

Here's to a Happy and Healthy 2010!


lisa said...

Good goals girl! You certainly deserve a good year!! What's this 365 project of Chelsea's?? I missed it, will look. Did you get my email with a different 365 offer?

Derrick said...

Somehow you managed to leave farmville mastery out of your goals for 2010! LOL!! These are great goals and I know you'll achieve them! I'll be pulling for you and helping along the way if you need it! Have an awesome 2010!!