Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can I whine for just a cotton pickin' minute?

I'm sorry for this completely self serving pity party post but - I tell you what this has just been a week from hell and I need to get it off my chest for a sec.

but first....our baby's first photo...photogenic already isn't she?

Let's just start with Monday morning - the bane of my existance anyway (well except for Thursdays but that's a whole different can of worms...) 4:00 AM...a rude awakening of my little boy crying because he threw up in his room. Mind you I can count on one hand how many times he's actually done that so I call in and call him into preschool when, lo and behold, the big kid gets sick too. YAY!

I have an OB appointment in the afternoon where I get to do a glucose tolerance test - for those who don't know this means I have to go have a completely empty stomach - nothing to eat or drink for 12 hours prior except for a sugary glucose drink one hour before I go in. So I leave my crabby boys alone together to go in and take this test - which I presently fail by 7 points and have to be scheduled for a THREE hour exam on Thursday. I get reprimanded by the doc for LOSING 9 pounds in my first trimester but get to hear baby's heart beat (160).

That night - after I put Jackson to bed. I start getting sick. Fabulous. Spent all day Tuesday going between bed - the bathroom - and the sofa...yuck. Seriously....YUCK.

Wednesday I haul myself into the office - check on our tax return and - without going into too much detail - get screwed in that regard - have lunch with a friend which did not settle well and very wisely decide not to go back to work for the afternoon.

So today was the big three hour test - for those not familiar with a three hour test let me explain. You go in 12 hours fasting which means I couldn't eat anything after 8:30PM Wednesday night. I hauled into the "draw center" this morning where they proceed to take two vials of blood out of my arm and send it to get a baseline. I'm then sent to sit in a freezing cold waiting area for an hour before the tech comes out and gives me the ever so yummy glucose drink. I then find out that there is a waiting area on the second floor that is very warm...I go there with my book for another hour then get ANOTHER vial of blood taken. (still no food). Wait another hour in warm sunny waiting room for ANOTHER vial of blood to come out(...that's right still no food...). Finally get really into my book when its time for the fourth and final blood draw and then am released by the vampire queen to go about my day.

Shaky and woosy I find myself at the Burger King across the street consuming my body weight's worth of chicken fries and a large Coke after which I felt much better and went to collect a receipt from a client and felt MUCH better. Upon arrival at the office my secretary passes me four notes from a client needing immediate assistance. I save that account after some time but have so far pulled out a big ZERO for appointments this week between illness and cancellations which does not look pretty on a paycheck...

By my clock it's 5:10. Time to start calling to drum up some appointments. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me to get some quality appointments next week and some business in my hopper. It can only go up from here RIGHT?


Rosemary said...

Oh Krissy, wish I could give you a hug..I get nasty when I can't eat because of some test, so I understand how that alone would piss you can whine all you want..better out than in..

lisa said...

Aw sweets!! What a crappy crappy day. Hope you are feeling better now, and I lost 14 lbs my first trimester before I gained...I had it to loose, and had a 9lb 10 oz baby!

Take care of you!!

Mike said...

Love the little baby! What a great shot.

Sorry about the rest of the week. I normally have what I call a "Monkeybutt Monday" (it's ugly but you just can't do anything about it!) but yours stretched into a whole week.

Hang in there, better times are always around the corner!