Friday, April 13, 2012

Living Room Planning

Over the next few posts I am going to take you through the HOUSE that my wonderful amazing husband bought for me.  I'm SO excited to jump in and do some redecorating and renovating.  The previous owners smoked inside so there is a TON of deodorizing and KILLZ that will be needed on the walls and the ceiling but its going to be fun!

The major project is going to be the living room and the office.  I thought I'd start with the "before" pictures and show you what we do with the potential.  I didn't take any outdoor pictures today because it was cold and rainy outside so we will start with the living room.

Note that in these "before" pictures everything is dark and dingy - there is a light beige color on the walls. The picture rail is maroon and there is some "unfortunate" red plush carpeting.  Underneath, however, are HARDWOOD FLOORS!  I'm praying they are in good shape under there and that the carpet comes up easily.

 There are pocket doors that block this off from the hallway and the office space (which is right behind where I am standing to take this photo.  

This is the color palate that I am wanting to use in this room to help brighten up the space.  I'm thinking of using the brown below the chair rail, and the grey above to make the space more delineated and a white in between.  We have the dark brown sofas and my pillows and have the blue shades to really make everything stand out and look really clean.

A rug like this would fit perfectly!
And I already have these curtains as well

So I'm hoping that it will turn out a little like this...

Thanks to the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer!
Full on after pictures to come in about a month!!!

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Elaine said...

Very pretty! I can't wait to see all this come together! I'm so excited for you and your family Krissy!