Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm so Thankful (2009 edition)

In no particular order I am incredibly grateful for:

An amazing family and friends that I couldn't have handpicked better if I tried. ~~ TWO healthy, happy, intelligent, cuddly boys ~~ A God that watches over me and brings me through dark times ~~ Learning the very definition of unconditional love ~~A cozy, warm roof over our heads ~~ Employment in a time where jobs are scarce ~~ The opportunities that lie ahead of me in 2010 ~~ Getting to meet some lovely ladies in Texas who proved to be more of an inspiration in person than they are online ~~ Ann Taylor ~~ Did I mention my parents? They get two spots ~~ The 50 pounds that I left in 2009 ~~ my blackberry ~~ The ladies in my small group for teaching me how to love and pray ~~ having my Mac hard drive covered under warranty and replaced for free! ~~ Adventure Life Preschool for helping Jackson learn and grow ~~ Dr Roose and the staff at Mercy Medical Center ~~ Burt's Bees Lip balm ~~ Did I mention my amazing friends? They get two spots too...

...and for having so many blessings that I wouldn't even know how to count them all!

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lisa said...

love this list!! Love you!!