Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back to Work

Back to work - and back to blogging - isn't that funny how that works out. Seriously though, I wanted to spend the six weeks I had off totally and completely drinking my children in. Yeah - it still sounds weird to me to say childREN instead of just child but may oh my how I have been blessed by these two little miracles in my life. It was SO hard to leave them to go back full time but money needs to be made lol. We are nearing the end of our second week and have fallen into a new routine...not as fun as the "sleep in and watch cartoons" routine of my leave but its working for us either way.

There is nothing more satisfying than waking up in the morning and having JT on one side of me and Jackson curled up at my back. It makes for cramped sleeping quarters but it is a true reminder of God's blessings in my life. Know what the best part is? Seeing the two of them together. Jackson just LOVES his baby brother...and is so protective of him. It's something that I pray the two of them never ever lose. Last night, Jackson conned his way into getting to sleep over at Nana and Papa's house and he wanted me to put JT in bed with him so they could snuggle before I went home with him. They just layed there in each other's arms and cuddled while Jackson listened to his audio book before bedtime and JT stared adoringly at his big brother. It brought tears to my eyes to see that between them.

My mom is keeping the boys during the day (speaking of blessings) and it works out amazing. Jackson goes to preschool in the afternoon and my brother comes over and sits with JT so mom doesn't have to take him out when she goes to take Jack to school. My kids are surrounded by the love of their entire family all day long. No center could ever compare to that(!!!) Watching Jackson learn and grow in school is just tremendous. He loves to go and see his friends and I can see a definite difference in his maturity levels and his intelligence levels too. He's even voluntarily participating in the Christmas musical at church as well!

I couldn't be a prouder momma (can you tell?) But they make it so easy on me that it is hard not to be. *sigh* I'm going home to hug on them some. Until next week...

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Derrick2811 said...

It does sound like they make it easy on you but that's to be expected when they have such an awesome Mom to guide them through life. Remember it all starts with you and that's why they are going to have a fantastic life!! Hug them for me too!!