Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Light At the End of a Very Long Tunnel

After three nights of sleeping only in two hour segments and alternating between my bed, Jack's bed and the couch I was feeling pretty beat up - I got to my appointment this morning ON TIME (!) and spent some time in the waiting room just praying that the doctor would listen to the misery in my voice and do something to help me out. Well - God answers prayers! The doctor took one look at me and got on the phone with Labor and Delivery to see if they could get me in tomorrow. The elective spots were all taken up (darn) but I am scheduled for induction Monday morning at 6AM. In the meantime, I will keep walking and seeing if I can get him out on his own...Come on JT - lets do this thing!
Jackson started preschool on Tuesday as well! I can't believe my little man is in Pre-K already. Next year he is Kindergarten bound! Wow! He is such a blessing and checks in on Joseph every morning. To celebrate his big brother status, we gave his room a bit of an overhaul. He has wanted to paint it blue for some time so on Labor Day we headed to Lowe's and Target and got everything we needed for a brand new room! Here are some highlights from his first day and his new bedroom!

I can't believe that the next update here I will be the mom of TWO boys! Wow.

BTW - painting stripes is a lot harder than it looks on Trading Spaces!!!

A little "Green" breakfast before preschool Key Lime Yogurt, Honeydew Melon and milk in a Green Cup

SO stylin'

Outside of the preschool!  

Jackson with his class

A little ice cream after pickup.

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JeNn said...

Love his room, it looks fab and I think Jackson is adorable in his first day pics! :0)