Sunday, July 21, 2013

My son pooped on the floor so I painted the bathroom.

True story.  OK so there were a few Rube Goldberg steps in between those two things but that's the essence of what happened in my house today!

The story goes like this:

It was a rainy day in the Potratz house, the kids had already deemed it "Lazy Sunday" and it definitely started out that way.  Kids playing Transformers and being so sweet to each other.  I was getting some things done on my scrap table, chatting with friends and even read a few chapters in my book.

Look look! Almost halfway to my goal of 100 pages
#42 - Now "present"ing
The last layout for the 7th birthday!

Then I hung up the phone and noticed that the shower was on...a sure fire signal that someone had either puked, peed or pooped - the unholy trinity.  Unfortunately it was the third option.  Poor Joseph has had a tummy ache and got sick at school on Friday - apparently it wasn't all out of his system because the infection was leaving from the other end today (trying not to be too graphic here.)

So I got him cleaned up - and started the process I had been putting off for the last two weeks - scrubbing down the urine scented - moldy caulked bathroom.  It was time...I rolled up my sleeves, peeled up the grossness.  bleached out the toilet and the surrounding area (eeeew) Somehow I ended up at the WalMart for supplies - and somehow I ended up with a quart of paint in my cart (the color of which the boys picked out) and a tube of caulk.  Two hours later - my tub had new caulk and the walls had new paint.  Observe - I kind of love it.

                    Before                                                                          After

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