Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The other page - and some Pinterest attempts

#12 - row row row your boat - Our first family canoe ride at the Isaak Walton League Outdoor Expo

My second attempt at a Pinterest recipe.  The first was just the crockpot spaghetti squash and it was awesome! This time
Pinterest Project #4 - Homemade Pizza Rollups
Original Pin: 

Well the recipe was super simple.  All you do is take crescent rolls, half a string cheese and some pepperoni's and bake them.

The verdict.  They turned out GREAT I thought - - however - - Jackson didn't like the string cheese and told me that next time I needed to use pizza cheese not just string cheese but gave a big thumbs up to the crescent rolls and pepperoni.  Joseph loved the rolls and cheese but didn't like the pepperoni (said it was too spicy) so this will be a repeat performance using pizza cheese and half with and half without pepperoni :)

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