Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sleep - the elusive

Who needs sleep when there is flooring to be laid right?  Weeell I paid for my 2am swearing, cutting and finishing the flooring in spades today.  One appointment and then getting the kiddos and napping on the sofa for a whopping two hours.  Since I was a complete bum today I didn't get around to unpacking any boxes or hanging any pictures but I did want to share the completed flooring pictures with the furniture in place!  Yeah!!!  I have tan curtains to go on that window and all of my coffee pictures to go up on the walls.  More updates as more goes up.

I think Joey likes it you think?  He was so proud that him and Josh and Daddy moved all the furniture in.  I'm sure he "helped" more than he actually helped.  

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Elaine said...

Looks beautiful Krissy!