Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flooring is FUN!

Those of  you who know me and my style may have detected a note of sarcasm in the title of this post but - I actually kind of mean it!  I got the underlayment of the dining room rolled out this morning and started plotting out the floating floor that is going on top of it.  It was actually a lot of fun!  (of course ask me that question tonight at ten when I'm still cutting out tiny pieces of vinyl and we'll see if I still feel that way.  I don't have anything stuck down right now I just wanted to see how the pattern would lay out and make sure I didn't need another box of planks from Lowe's when I go out to my appointment at three.  I'm so geeked out over how awesome it looks that I had to take a few minutes to post these photos before I go up to shower and get ready to head out to Ames.

Another small-ish problem arose on Tuesday when TV and Internet got hooked up.  DirecTV came out and said that - unless we chop down a giant tree blocking the satellite in the backyard, there is no way they can install on the house.  We were a bit crestfallen since we have really been enjoying the directv services but the super techno boys were on the case.  They ended up hooking a spare desktop computer we had in the house directly into the TV.  After an hour or so with them playing with the aspect ratio and pixel settings (things I neither know anything about or could see any difference in when they got done with the tinkering) we now have a media computer.  Using Netflix, Hulu and information from broadcast websites, we can now watch in demand television through the main TV as well as through the Wii systems that are in Jackson's room and in the basement.  All for only $7.99 that's over 90% savings over what we were paying for DirecTV.  Works for me :)

The plan is to finish the flooring tonight and get the furniture moved back into the dining room so I can "hopefully" get some art on the wall and sheers hung up on the windows. That gives me all day tomorrow to play with the kids, maybe *gasp* scrapbook a little, and drive Jackson down to Bethany MO to meet up with his biological dad to spend the weekend with his brothers in KC.  We are reaching the end of this journey.  Lots of hard work but every second has been incredibly worth it!

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