Saturday, August 31, 2013

A New Twist on the Kit Killers

Someone asked me to see my wedding album and - while I'm proud of the layouts that I have put into it I am FAR from done with all of the wonderful photos that were taken on that beautiful day.  SO Instead of doing a "Kit Kill" I'm going to start doing "Event Kills" I have boxes dedicated to things like Disney, Wedding, Baby, etc that are brimming with things I can't stop buying but also am not using **smh** So I'm starting with my wedding (even though that does not come first in chronology of the piles)

#47 - Perfect Day
Using random stash
Awww weren't we adorable?

#48 - Standing Stones
Using Random Stash
Six different colors of stones combined to make one family. The verse is Joshua 24:25 "These stones will be a witness to us. They have heard the words the Lord has said to us.

More to come!

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Jennifer Moore said...

Great job, Krissy. beautiful pages! Love the idea of finishing "events"!