Saturday, February 26, 2011

E is for eeeeewww...

I'm going to spare you the picture but there has been a nasty illness raging through our family this week. It started with a pretty benign occurrence on Sunday with Jackson. The boy hardly ever throws up so I was a little concerned but he never spiked a fever and he seemed to be fine. By Thursday night JT couldn't keep ANYTHING down. A little after midnight when I woke up with him for his 5th time, it finally hit me and I was up every 45 minutes with my own special kind of hell. Yesterday we had a little bit of quarantine happening in our house. Jackson spent two days at my folks house while JT Chad and I all dealt with this GI unpleasantness. Everyone seems to be better today thank God! Not exactly the "E" I was looking for but hey reality isn't always pretty...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

D is for Disney

It seems like so many things in my life revolve around Disney From the constant din of Disney Junior and Disney Channel on TV, to the entire collection of Disney Classic Movies from when I was a kid that the boys play on repeat down on the VCR downstairs, to our vacations. Both boys have been to Disney World and Jackson has been TWICE and once to Downtown Disney in California when he was about 9 months old. Growing up I was all about Disney music and I still have many collectors edition prints and of course the new fangled VHS tapes lol. There is just something so magical about everything Disney that captivates both my imagination and that of the kids as well.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

C is for Creativity

If there is one thing that I pride myself on its my ability to be creative - and not just in an artsy craftsy kind of way. Being a single mom for as long as I have meant that I had to get really creative with finances at times, finding creative things for the kids to do, and of course my obvious creative outlet being my scrapbooking. Its not often that I find something that occupies my mind and satisfies my need to create while at the same time being soothing and calming and makes something that my family will treasure forever. I am so blessed by that.