Monday, May 2, 2011

Countdowns Galore

There are only 9 weeks left until my wedding day! I am so excited and getting nervous at the same time. All the plans are done - its just writing checks from here on out. We meet with the wedding coordinator at the church on Friday morning to discuss the setup of the church that day and then it is GAME ON. Dress fittings and hair appointments are scheduled and I have my shoes and tiara covered thanks to my sweet friend Pam.
But before any of that happens my stepsons are coming in from Texas on June 21! Only 7 weeks away! I cannot wait to see them again and neither can the little boys. Everything is set up for them to be here. The couches are here the bunk beds are up the loft is in place and the family room downstairs is ready for all kinds of kid action. We have the pool passes in hand and a great time planned for everyone. We can't wait.
In celebration for everything I am really busting my tailfeathers to get in shape. Its been two weeks (only one if you count not cheating at all and working out every day) and I'm 6 pounds down. Of course I walk like a grandmother because of all of the sore muscles but its worth it to see that scale move! I feel like I'm swimming for all the water I have been drinking but again SO worth it!
On top of that I had a scrapathon last Friday at my fiancees request (guess I was getting cranky with a lack of cookies and muffins in my system) so he sat me down at my table with a cup of coffee and my newest Scrap Room kits and off I went. I don't know if I have ever had a night where the ideas, the sketches, the pictures and the paper, just fell together so easily. I walked upstairs at 1 AM with five and a half pages DONE! The first 4 are pictured here! I'm pretty proud indeed.
Here is our easter family picture - using the Basic Grey Hopscotch line and a sketch from Trisha at Sketch Inspiration
This is JT in a monkey suit - it was school pictures at Kindercare. Again borrowing from a Trisha sketch using Bo Bunny's Ad Lib line of paper.
Another older photo with a new line. Again a TSR kit and a Sketch Inspiration sketch. This time using the My Little Yellow Bicycle "Twig" line. Look how little my chubbo was!
This last one was a struggle for me - not to put together but to find the right papers and sentiment for. Its of my sweet Mary Todd at her sister's wedding only 5 days before she passed away. The TSR kit featuring Stella Rose from My Minds Eye finally gave me the perfect blend of spunk and elegance to bring out what I loved most about her. Thanks for looking!

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