Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bah Humbug

I only WISH I could get more into the "Christmas Spirit" this year. Yes the tree is up - the bannister is wrapped in holly, the stockings are hung on the breakfast bar with care but I just don't "feel" like Christmas. I am just tired. The weather is dreary and its sometimes a struggle just to get my motivation going. *sigh* This weekend may just be the jump start that I need. We are heading down to Kansas City on Saturday - Jackson gets to see his dad and I get to go out to dinner (kid free!!!) with the KC Core 4! Nothing gets you more in the spirit than the plaza lights and free flowing bottles of wine with my 3 best friends.

My November goals ended up being a bit more ambitious than I had original thought but that's not bad - just different. My relationship with Chad is going better than it ever has before - he is being extremely active in the lives of both boys and attentive to my needs too. We are all settled in to the new house - four more loads of stuff have gone to various charities so my life is feeling much more streamlined now. I have been promoted to the Sales Manager at the office which is a lot more responsibility but its also a good way to get my finances in order as well. I have three guys on my team all with their own quirks but its going really well so far!

I'm just hoping for a really happy 2011 to look forward to!

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The Scrapbook Speedway said...

at least it's over now, right? i'm sure you had a wonderful christmas!